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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Is It Worth It?

I know no one likes to admit this, but is parenthood worth it? Don't you feel as a parent that sometimes you are in over your head? Yesterday was a great example of this sentiment. As I was strapping my oldest who is four into her booster seat in the car, she was screaming like I have never heard anyone scream in my life, I did wonder to this worth it? Plus you want to know the reason why she was having a screaming fit? Over cookies. We were leaving her grandparents house and her Gramma had just given her a package of cookies to take home. To take home, not to eat right at that moment. I know this is a hard concept for a kid to understand, but it was close to dinner time and I told her she could have a cookie after dinner. So she threw the package of cookies on the floor and commenced screaming like a banshee. So of course we left the cookies there and I carried her kicking and screaming out to the car. Should I have just let her have a cookie? Right before dinner? Maybe. But the kids eats a ton of sweets and is super picky, so don't feel sorry for her because I wouldn't let her have a cookie before dinner. I sometimes even let her have cake for breakfast. So I am definitely not one of those crunchy eco, soy, no sweets, eat your carob chip cookies, kind of mom.

So then we were driving along the highway with my oldest still screaming, and kicking the seat in front of her that happened to be where my husband was sitting. This made him furious! So now he has joined in screaming at her. I am trying to drive, and yelling at them to cut it out. Chaos. The poor baby is looking around the car like "what the hell kind of family have I gotten my little one year old self into?" So I see this situation is not improving. Yelling seems to beget more yelling. How about singing? So I start to sing "Old McDonald" which I know is my four year old's favorite. She stops mid scream and starts to calm down and shout out the animals for each verse that are on the farm. Thank god for good ol' old Mcdonald. Dude is a lifesaver. I don't think I could have finished driving home listening to her scream. And she quickly became her cute charming self again. My husband looked at me and whispered how does she go from complete demon child to charming in the span of five mintues? I just shook my head with wonder and continued singing...

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