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Sunday, July 09, 2006

10 Reason Why It's Worth It...

In response to my last post...of course I think parenthood is worth it. I may have moments where I feel like running off to a deserted island just to get five minutes of alone time, but overall it's been a life changing event in the best possible way. So here are ten reasons why parenthood IS worth it.
1. Sleepy newborn smiles-you know when they smile in their sleep and it's just muscle twitching that looks like a smile, but it just melts you.
2. Newborn stretches-when they wake up and you pick them up mid stretch with their little fists in the air and face all scrunched up. Beautiful.
3. Uncontrollable baby giggles-My one year old was giggling like crazy when she was watching her big sister hide under the table and then jump out over and over.
4. The head on your shoulder-my one year old will put her head on my shoulder and wrap her arms around my arm and my neck. Her grip is tight and she's like a little koala bear. Heaven.
5. Sloppy wet baby kisses-sometime you even get a little teeth with it.
6. The Songs-my four year old sings the funniest songs that she learns in preschool. Have you heard "Fried Ham?"
7. Pigtails-I love it when my four year old wants me to do her hair. I put it in low pigtails and she is possibly the cutest kid ever.
8. Holding hands
9. Funny Jokes- My four year old told me this one the other day...Why do bunnies make friends? So they always have someBUNNY to love! Cracked me up!
10. Hearing "I love you Mommy" totally unprompted.
There are about a million more reasons why it's worth it, but I have to go play princesses now.
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