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Monday, July 10, 2006

My Shampoo Smells Like Strippers

I just bought this new shampoo that I have never used before. I normally buy a ridiculously expenisive shampoo, usually Kerastase or Frederic Fekkai, but this time in order to save a little dough I decided to try a drugstore shampoo. I know shampoo should just be shampoo and the cost shouldn't matter because they all have the same main cleansing ingrediant. But let me tell you, my new cheapie shampoo smells like strippers. I am not kidding. I was in the shower this morning washing my hair and I paused and thought to myself "what is this smell?"

And why do I even know what strippers smell like? Well to be totally honest, sometimes when my husband and I are on vacation we will go to a strip club. It's not his idea either, it's mine. We have only done it twice really. Scores in New York because it's super famous and a local strip club on an overnight trip two hours away from our home. I like to take my husband to strip clubs because well he was really tame in his teen years and early twenties and didn't get to do all that rowdy guy stuff. So sometimes I like to blow his mind a little and take him somewhere debaucherous. The last time we went, the girls were VERY friendly. It might have helped that we had a stack of singles and sat up front at center stage. We got quite a show, up close and personal and I could really smell them. Yikes. Yuck. Way too flowerly cheapie body sprays permeated the air between us. My husband explained to me that guys must really like the olfactory experience of smelling the ladies giving them the lap dance, so they really pile it on. Which takes me back to my shampoo. I guess shampoo isn't really just shampoo if it reminds me of strippers.

*Beauty Tip* For a more subtle fragrance in the summer, many companies make a softer version of their originals. Calvin Klein's CK One Summer or Eternity Summer are limited editions and are effervescently light, making them perfect for hot steamy weather.


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