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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Best Celebrity Without Makeup Photo Ever!
Oh my goodness gracious makeupness...copy and paste this link to feel much better about yourself. This is photo of Eva Longoria the resident "hottie housewife" on Desperate Houswives sporting a bare face out on the town. It's really too good to be true. Could she really be that plain? Now as a makeup artist and all around makeup addict, I never really leave the house without something on my face. Call me vain, but I just feel a little better with some concealer and a swipe of mascara. I truely applaud women who don't wear makeup because they don't like it. But I LOVE it, so bring on the gloss and blush. And someone please tell Eva Longoria to take a look at my beauty tip of today--how to make yourself up in under a minute.

*Beauty Tip* For one minute makeup, you only need these three items...

Concealer-one with a wand that you can quickly swipe under the eyes, on the lids, around the nose area, and to dab on any spots. Blend with fingers.

Mascara-in Black, otherwise why bother? Swipe just on the top lashes. Don't do the bottom, it's not 1966.

Lip Gloss- It can be applied on the go, and with gloss you can be less precise then with lipstick.
Only 60 seconds to make yourself look polished and ready to go face the world!


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