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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Two Nannies Are Better Than One

I was looking around AOL yesterday at the lastest news stories, well actually celebrity news, I admit it. I checked out a video of Gwyneth Paltrow walking in NYC with her daughter and what appeared to be two nannies. Two nannies, people! Can you imagine? One of the nannies opened the car door for them and the other nanny was trailing behind them with Gwyneth's baby boy. How easy must her life be? I know people with four kids that don't have any help. I can barely get my mother-in-law to come over for even an hour so that I can go to a dentist appointment.
I guess it just goes back to how easy life must be if you have tons and tons of money. Now I know money doesn't buy happiness and blah blah blah, but I would love to be able to have even one day a week of nanny help. Not that I can't handle my kids on my own, but I would be able to take my oldest to the pool just the two of us if I had a nanny to watch the baby. But if I had two nannies I could have one of the nannies take my oldest to the pool, and the other nanny could watch the baby at home. Then I could go have coffee or shop or get a facial or see a movie or write the great american novel...well you get the picture. It's all just a silly fantasy, obviously I love being a stay at home Mom. I wouldn't want to be away from my kids all the time at a full time job outside of my home. I can't imagine missing all the smiles and sloppy baby kisses from my youngest or walking hand and hand with my four year old while she tells me silly knock knock jokes that don't make any sense, but are still hilarious. So I guess Gwyneth can have her two nannies, but she doesn't know what she's missing!

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