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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Naked Britney-Yuck

Oops she's done it again...cheesy I know, but I had to say it. Britney Spears is naked on the upcoming August issue of Bazaar. Yuck. Now being the magazine addict that I am, I subscribe to Bazaar, and read it monthly. Honestly I am not looking forward to seeing Britney naked and pregnant on the cover. Haven't we seen enough naked pregnant celebrities? And I say if you are going to pose naked and pregnant you should pose 9 months pregnant and not itty bitty 5 months pregnant. It's kind of like cheating. Britney's saying "hey look at me, look how great I look!" I am not fooled, come back in that third trimester when you are bigger than a house and that will make a statement. Plus with all the airbrushing in the world, ANYONE can look great pregnant and naked.

*Beauty Tip*- All the moisturizer in the world is not going to prevent stretch marks, if you are prone to them during pregnancy. Skin is going to stretch, that's just the way it goes. Britney has stretch marks all over her stomach too. Not that it makes me feel any better about mine though. Now if I could just find out a way to airbrush myself before heading to the pool! At the very least self tanner will help minimize the appearance of newer redish stretch marks. Lancome and Loreal make fantastic self tanners that go on evenly and don't have that horrible scent associated with the active ingredient, DHA. So spread some on and flaut your post baby body!


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