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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An Entry By My Daughter

Iam too tired to write an entry today, so my daughter is going to fill in. She's 14 months old. Well, this is probably what she would write, if she could actually type or talk.

Hi Everyone,
I went to bed really easy last night at 7, like a good girl, but then I decided to wake up an hour later. I miss my Momma and Dadda and if I cry, they will come and get me. So I got to play downstairs a little. Then they took me back up again, and I fooled them for 5 minutes by being very quiet, but then I decided to start crying again so they would come and get me. I was so happy when Momma came upstairs and held me. I put my head on her chest and fell right asleep. I even let her tiptoe out of my room before I started crying again! Silly Momma! Come back! So this went on for about four hours, until I think I really broke them, because lo and behold Momma brought me downstairs and I got to sleep in their big bed with Momma. Dadda went to sleep on the couch. I think he was afraid he would roll over on me. I slept fine after that. I like to sleep with Momma. This was the second time I have tried it and I really sleep very well. I like to snuggle up close to her and sometimes she tries to move me to the middle, but I just scoot right back over to her and put my fist under her chin or in her eye. I like to wave my arms around alot in my sleep. I hope I didn't disturb Momma, oh well.Have a great day everyone,:) C

*Beauty Tip* My Momma says I have to write a beauty tip for today...Desitin works well for diaper rash. The blue tube is fun to play with too. Oh and here is a hair tip too, BOWS SUCKS! And not in a good way. I like to pull them out of my hair right after Mom puts them in.


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