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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mommy Guilt Outings-Toys R Us Here We Come!

My youngest isn't sleeping that well lately. We are right smack in the middle of separation anxiety and teething city hell. This combination is killer for a sleeping 15 month old. So in the mornings now I am just bone tired from waking up at night with her. So this morning I just basically laid all the couch all morning until it was practically lunch time and I could muster up enough energy to make myself a cup of coffee. Luckily my four year old knows how to work the tv and was happy to watch various kid shows all morning. She didn't even bother me half as much as she usually does. By the afternoon and after a glorious 20 oz coffee the size of my head, I was ready to take them out somewhere, anywhere! The first stop we made was to the Donut Store, as my daughter calls it. Like any kid, she adores donuts and usually asks for a chocolate sprinkle one on a daily basis. Usually I ignore this request, but today the "mommy guilt" kicked in for practically ignoring them all day. So we headed off to Dunkin Donuts first. I shared a glazed one with the baby and my oldest had her treasured chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. After having our donuts, which incidentally were awesome. Did I mention I love donuts too? I guess the apple or donut really doesn't fall far from the tree. We then headed across the street to Toys R Us.

I was looking for new squirt guns for outside, but unfortunately this late in the season they were all sold out. I have since looked at five other place and have not had any luck in finding some. Blah. I bet I could find some online. Anyway we ended up leaving with a "My Little Pony" pink princess pony for my daughter. I can't believe those are back on the market. I probably had 15 of them as a kid. Can you say spoiled? I think they are still at my parents in a box somewhere. I should look for them.

So the third stop on the "Mommy Guilt Express" was to the pet store. My girls both love the pet store. Probably because I have told them a million times that it will be NEVER when we get a pet, because I am allergic to cats and dogs are too much work. So I feel like it's a good substitute to at least go look at all the pets. I don't even want a fish at this point. I have my hands full thank you very much!

Even after all these fun kid stops my daughter still says to me when we get back in the car..."where else can we go that's fun?" OH MY LORD! Wasn't the donut store, toy store and pet store enough? Haven't I made up for being a lazy Mommy all morning? Kids! I will tell you's never enough. They always want more! And oddly enough it seems like the more you do with them or the more fun that you have, makes them want even more. I give up. But you know where I will probably take her tomorrow? Chuckie Cheese.

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