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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Trader Joe's and My Juicy Shirt Make Life Worth Living

This morning did not start out very well. My older daughter came stomping down the stairs at 6:30am, used the bathroom, and then proceeded to stomp into our room and demand pancakes. Loudly. We have been over this before. She is supposed to stay in bed until 7am. I just cannot stand to see any of my children before 7am. She knows this and obviously didn't care this morning. She just wanted pancakes. Well I wasn't going to make her pancakes at 6:30am so I sent her away to watch tv. Needless to say, she did not go quietly and proceeded to throw a fit. Lovely way to start a morning. After 7am I got up and got her cheerios and cinnamon toast...which she was dismayed were NOT pancakes. Ha ha.

So by lunchtime I decided to make her pancakes. I had just bought this new pancake mix from Trader Joe's, and wanted to try it out. We usually buy Aunt Jemima mix, which to be honest kind of sucks. Now I love Trader Joe's, if you have one you know how lucky you are. If you don't, pray that one comes to your area soon. It's fantastic. Super cheap and the food is usually top notch. I love going there. It's like a new and exciting experience everytime. Are you getting that I LOVE it? So back to the pancakes...they came out perfect. I have never made such great pancakes from a mix in my life. Love you Trader Joe's pancakes, love you. Both my kids gobbled them right up. Yipee!

In the theme of things that I love besides my children, and my adoring husband, I love the t-shirt I am wearing today. It's a Juicy Couture shirt and before you go thinking that I am some well to do stay at home Mom who can afford a $65 shirt, I will tell you I got it on sale for $15 bucks. Yeah bargain. So this shirt is hot pink, super soft, and in bright yellow letters on the front says:
which is so totally contrarry to being a parent. I love to wear it, cracks me up. Obviously I am not self absorbed because practically my every waking moment is dedicated to caring for two small needy children. I can't barely take a shower or grab a cup of coffee without doing at least 6 things for them in the mean time.

I just put my youngest down for a nap and I guess I will go play with my older daughter. She loves to play pretend with her "My Little Pony" horses and make up all kind of scenerios for them to act out. It's honestly not my favorite game, but she loves it and I have basically ignored her all morning so I am going to try to make up for it. Maybe I am self absorbed...

*Beauty Tip* In the spirit of being self tip today is to go treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure. I would like to but I probably won't so if you could go that would be great. At least someone will have pretty feet. See! I am not self absorbed, I care about your feet! And if you want to care about someone else today, go out a buy a bottle of OPI's RED-Y TO HELP nailpolish before you head to the salon. It's a beautiful wine red polish that with every bottle sold OPI will donate $1 to help the American Red Cross in it's life-saving work. Trade Secret and other salons usually carry OPI for around $7.


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