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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nordstrom Nirvana

I am so proud of myself. I shouldn't feel guilty right? Yesterday I really really really wanted to go check out the big sale at Nordstom's. So I left my husband with our two kids and took off. Yipee! Two hours to myself to wander around the mall! No children begging for cookies, ice cream or happy meals or trying to manipulate a double stroller between the aisles of clothing. I try to avoid taking my children shopping to the mall at all costs. It's annoying to me and it's very annoying to them. What little kid wants to look at clothes, shoes or cosmetics? None that I know. I see mothers all the time trying to drag their children around department stores. I just feel bad for the kids and for the poor hassled mom.

Don't take them to the mall unless it's specifically a kid centric trip, like the pet store or riding the little train. My daughter also likes the homeade soap store. I can't think of the name of it, but they have huge blocks of all different kinds of soap. Tons of flavors and colors and usually we smell most of them. My four year old's favorite is the ice cream one, of course. Did I mention that we don't ever buy anything at the soap store because it's ridiculously expensive. Luckily looking is still fun for my daughter.

So back to my Nordstrom experience...all their good stuff was on sale for fall. Now I know it would be industrious of me to pre-buy things for fall, but I just can't do it. It's still July and I don't even want to think about boots or long sleeve anything yet. Summer goes by so fast that I feel like if I were to buy stuff for fall that the rest of summmer would just slip right by. The tutition bill for preschool for fall already came in the mall! Darn them! Not that I don't look forward to my daughter going back to school, but summer truly does go by way too fast. In fact it seems to go by so fast, just like my time at the mall yesterday. I was there for a total of two hours, but my "Nordstrom Nivana" seemed to go by in like two mintues. Not fair! Then I was headed back to my least by then it was only two hours til their bedtime. Let me tell you that two hours did NOT go by in two mintues. Time is a funny thing.

*Beauty Tip* To make your own soap with your kids try this simple recipe...
Glycerin soap in lots of colors*Soap or candy molds(our favorite is the rubber ducky shape)MicrowaveMicrowavable cupsPlastic or metal spoons and/or woodenPopsicle sticks or coffee stirrersSharp knife
* This only works with glycerin soap. Transparent Neutrogena bars will work fine.
Set out everything you need, all ingredients, etc. on top of the kitchen table (or other comfortable working area) that has been covered in newspaper.
Cut bars of soap into about three pieces.
Put a piece into a cup (cut the pieces in half if you are going to mix colors).
Put soap in microwave and melt it on HIGH for about 10 to 15 seconds. It may take a bit longer on low-wattage microwaves. If it doesn't start to liquefy in 15 seconds or it starts to bubble or boil, you may not have a pure glycerin soap bar.
Remove soap using a potholder, and stir it to mix thoroughly.
Pour melted soap (you have to work quickly here as it hardens fast) into molds.
Wait about 5 minutes for soap to harden and cool.
Remove soap from molds, and put soap into gift bags or bath bags.
NOTES:If you are having difficulty getting the soap out of the molds, put molds in the freezer for up to 30 minutes.
If the soap still sticks to the molds, you can put olive oil in the soap or oil the molds with oil or cooking spray.
***Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the liquid soap for a great yummy smell! Your kids will love it! These soaps make great gifts too!


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