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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Would You Pay $17,000 For A Binky?

So last night I accidentaly started watching this show on VHI called "The Fabulous Life of Brad and Angelina's Baby." Big mistake. This show was ridiculous! You know how companies send celebrities all sorts of things for free in the hopes that they will be photographed wearing the items. Well I guess "Brangelina's" new baby has been getting sent a ton of free baby stuff. Including expensive clothes, toys, and a $3000 stroller, just to name a few! What really kills me is that these people are so wealthy that they are the last people on the planet who need free baby stuff. What about all the real families that struggle just to afford formula or diapers? But here is the real company sent the baby a white gold, diamond studded binky worth $17,000. That is more money then some people make in a year! Can you believe $17,000 for a binky? I was at Babies R Us yesterday and thought about buying my one year old another set of Gerber plastic binkies, but decided against it because they cost $5.36. Money is a little tight in my own family right now, which I am sure is the case in most one income families. And honestly even with all their money, and being able to afford practically anything in the world for their kids, I would hope that Brad and Angelina think that a $17,000 binky is pretty ridiculous too.

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