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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Big Needle In My Hand--Smile!

I hardly ever take my two young children with me to doctors appointments. I had no choice today though because my mother-in-law was out of town. Taking two little kids to the doctor is not fun.

I had to see the hand doctor because of mysterious swollen tendons in my hand. Nothing has been working to fix this problem. So today I thought the Doctor would just want to discuss hand surgery with me. No big deal if I bring my two kids with me right? Wrong! He casually mentions that he can give me an injection in my hand. An injection? My four year old wasn't fooled. She looked at me with really big wide eyes and said, "Mom are you going to have to get a shot in your hand?" Yikes. Shots are like the biggest baddest word ever to a little kid. Especially to my daughter, who has seen her little baby sister get a shot once and was slightly tramatized by it.
Plus the Hand Doctor said that shots in the hand hurt. Alot. Thanks Doc, for saying that in front of my kid. I tried to tell her it was no big deal, but she looked at me and said, "I think I am getting a little nervous now." And she wasn't even the one getting the big needle stuck in her hand. She was nervous for me! I was nervous for me too! Part of me felt that it might be a good thing for her to see me get a shot because I could show her that it really wasn't so bad.
All I can say is thank goodness for my high threshold for PAIN. Because let me tell you this shot hurt like hell and I wanted to scream bloody murder, but instead I managed to smile a huge smile, look at my daughter and LIE. "It doesn't hurt a bit," I told her through the enormous mind numbing pain that was being inflicted on my hand. Not just a quick pin prick either, the Hand Doc kept the needle in there for awhile and then moved my ring finger all around so the injection would spread through my whole hand. My 16-month-old even had her hands over her face as if to say,"holy shit Mom that is a huge needle!" The Hand Doc told my kids that they have a "tough Mom." No kidding.

Hopefully next summer when my daughter turns five and goes in to get her shots before kindergarten she will remember how brave her Mom was when I got a big huge needle stuck into my hand. Somehow I doubt it though.

*Beauty Tip* I really could use a day at a spa. My hand hurts to much to type out a beauty tip. No manicures for me today. Instead of a manicure I will just put on a litte of Neutrogena's Instant Nail Enhancer($7). This colorless liquid adds instant shine and polish to your nails. Maybe if my nails look better no one will notice the Dora the Explorer Bandaid on the palm of my hand.


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