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Monday, August 21, 2006

Smug Mom Moment--Hooray For Me

My two daughters and I just got back from a long walk to the ice cream shoppe. It's a really great old fashioned ice cream shoppe that my four year old obviously loves to go to. She would go there everyday if she could. I just like that it seems more old fashioned if I spell shop like shoppe. Anyway two great moments occurred there. The first being that I convinced my daughter to just have a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream at $1.75 instead of the obscenely expensive sundae with rainbow sprinkles, hot fudge, and whipped cream at $4.00. Hooray for bargain ice cream. Now the second great thing that happened is that there was a table next to us with two young girls who were 3 and 4. They kept coming over to our table to chat with my girls. Now I didn't mind obviously, but I realized there was no way in hell I would let my girls go up and bug other people at a table in a restaurant. Their Mom had to keep coming over and dragging them back to their own table. Five or Six times at least. So I felt rather smug about my own two very well behaved children sitting politely waiting patiently for their ice cream. Hooray for my superior parenting skills, right? Oh and the kicker was this poor Mom was pregnant too with her third. Sucka!

Oh I totally know that tomorrow I will probably get mine too. Maybe double tantrums somewhere very public complete with kicking and screaming and rolling around on the floor, while someother smug Mom looks at me thinking that she has it made with her own well behaved kids.

*Beauty Tip* I have to say that I own about a million lipsticks, glosses, and balms. Each one runs the price range gamet from cheap to really stupid expensive for lipstick, hello Chanel:) Anyway I got a great new cheapie lipgloss and I love it. The color is perfect and the staying power is impressive. So I guess expensive isn't always better. I guess this is less of a beauty tip and more like something to ponder about beauty. I will investigate this cheapie vs. expensive concept and get back to you.


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