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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Shirtless Matthews

Check out this picture of Matt Lauer! It makes me blush and giggle like a teenage girl.
Who knew that Matt Lauer was so WICKED HOT!!

As a grown women with two young children keeping me very busy, I don't usually get too excited over seeing pictures of shirtless men, but this one is seriously WICKED HOT!! Maybe it's because I see Matt Lauer everyday on the Today Show that I find this picture of his six pack abs very reavealing. He is kind of cute in a dorky newscaster way. Come to think of it there are alot of pictures lately of a shirtless Matthew McConahey. Those pictures of him rank up there as WICKED HOT too. I don't think he has gone anywhere lately with his shirt on. Fine by me. Thank you for the blush "shirtless Matthews."

*Beauty Tip* Even if your abs aren't the six pack that Matt Lauer's are, there is a simple way to look slimmer. Self tanner! Self tanner can give the illusion of slimness and disguise veins and stretch marks. Lancome and Clarins make great high end self tanners, but you can also check out some great ones at your local drugstore by Loreal and Neutrogena. My self tanner of choice this summer was Neutrogena's Instant Bronze.


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