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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Buy My House Couple #86 PLEASE!!!

We have been trying to sell our house now for 6 months. It's not like we are getting transferred anywhere and have to move, but since this is our little starter house we are running out of space. Well to be more precise, my husband needs more space. He has a load of collectible crap, skateboards, and music stuff that needs a home somewhere. Like in a basement. Which we don't have right now. Unfortunately it seems like everything in the world is for sale right now and buyer have too much to choose from. We have had a ton of lookers but no buyers. The biggest problem is that we don't have a basement and our yard sucks. Oh well.

So a nice young couple came over this morning to look. I will call them "Couple #86" because that is at least how many times I have had to clean up the house for lookers. So 86 seemed like a couple looking for a starter home in a great neighborhood. I could totally picture them living in my house. Hopefully they could picture themselves living in my house. My two girls and I were supposed to be out of the house when they came, but they were late so we were back. I hate being here when people are looking, they say that lookers can't really look unless the seller isn't home. Oh well, they should have been on time. There is only so much time I can spend wandering around town aimlessly with a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old. At least the girls hadn't torn up the house again before the lookers came through. It happens quick you know. One minute your house is a picture of order and the next minute you are tripping over "my little ponies" and soggy crusts of bread litter the floor.

You wouldn't believe all the crazy cleanup I have to do in order to get the house presentable for a showing. Like hiding our laundry and putting our disgrace under the sink. Here is a list of other things that must be done.
1. Carry laundry out to the car.
2. Put highchair in the garage.
3. Tie Back shower curtain.
4. Pick up bathroom towels(there are usually at least 3 on the floor).
5. Wipe down gross water that collects on bathroom sink.
6 Open all the blinds(11 sets).
7. Open Curtains upstairs.
8. Make beds, pick up girls rooms, put away their fans and binkies.
9. Pick up all toys and throw on our all season porch.
10. Straiten toys on all season porch because otherwise it looks like a tornado went through.
11. Dustbust all of my stray hair that seems to be everywhere. I am worst then a dog.

This is just small sample of things that I must to do get the house ready. And this does not take into account if I have dishes in the sink or laundry to be folded on my dining room table! Blah! The whole thing is really getting on my nerves at this point. Honestly it would be better if it didn't sell. We can't really afford to move anyway!

Yet I still kind of want to. A better yard for the girls to play in would be nice. My oldest is dying for a swing set and knows that in the new house we would probably talk Gramma and Granpa into buying one. Actually it would be their idea. They are full on into the spoiling the grandchildren with anything and everything they want. My daughter on a daily basis asks me for new things when we get the new house. It goes like this...
"Mom, can I have a pony and a fairy princess castle in the new house?"
I always say "sure." Because obviously I don't really think our house is going to sell, so what's a few empty promises?

But maybe, just maybe, Couple #86 will come through for us. I am pinning all my hopes on them. Or maybe they will buy one of the other 8 million starter homes for sale in our neighboorhood. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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