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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Question.

Yesterday as we were getting home from a trip to the pool, my four year old poses this question for me. Out of the blue. Right as we are pulling into the driveway.

"Mom, how do babies come out of their mother's tummies?"

Yikes! How can I really answer a question like that when we are right in the driveway getting ready to go into the house? The answer is I didn't. I told her that I didn't know and I would have to get back to her. Ha. She didn't buy it though. She's like, "yes you do, just tell me real quick." Smart kid.

I still didn't get into it with her. It was 5:00 approaching dinnertime, I had to get her and her baby sister in the bath after the pool so there was no way I was going to explain how babies were born at that exact moment. I wonder when she will bring it up again.

*Beauty Tip* Instead of a tip today, I have a question for all the Moms out there...How many of you wore makeup in the delivery room?


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