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Monday, August 28, 2006

Things I Am Annoyed About Right Now

-The sheer amount of laundry I need to be doing-there is some in the dryer to be folded, some in the washer to be dried, some on the kitchen floor to be washed, and some clean hanging out on some dining room chairs to be put's endless and it's stalking me.

-My bikini line itches-I dry shaved it quickly before going to the pool on Sat. MISTAKE!

-The kitchen sink is full of dishes to be washed-everytime I wash a sink full and turn my back three more dirty dishes appear. It's magic. Magic crap.

-Someone just called me and didn't leave a message. Yeah I admit I screen my calls. I don't usually like to talk to anyone before noon.

-My daughter, thanks to my Mother, has now discovered the joys of kid websites and wants to play on the computer all the time. Noggin, PbsKids, Nick Jr and Discovery Kids have stolen my daughter's imagination. Well it's not all bad, I did get to read Cosmo uninterrupted this morning.

-The pounding, pounding, POUNDING of my neighbor's rebuilding their garage roof for three days now. My husband and I joked yesterday that our lazy butts could never commit to a home improvement project for three days. If it can't be done in under an hour, it aint gettin done!

-I am getting on a plane this week and inevitably everytime I am scheduled to fly somewhere there is a plane crash. Did you hear about those 49 people in Kentucky? Two of them were newlyweds. Just sad sad.

-I am waiting for an email from someone and they haven't emailed be back.

-It's raining.

-My roots need to be done...again.

-All my bras are worn out.

-My baby is taking a long morning nap which means that she will take a late afternoon nap pushing bedtime back to 8pm, when her older sister goes to bed at 7pm.

-I need to go pick up a certified letter at the post office and I am sure I won't remember.

-My hand hurts again, and I am probably going to need surgery.

-My coffee is cold and I can't warm it in the microwave because it will wake light-sleeping baby

-I am annoyed with myself because I have spent 10 minutes writing about all these annoying things when I should be cleaning. Oh well.

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