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Friday, September 08, 2006

Did You Miss Me? Do You Miss Steve Guttenberg?

If you are a stay at home Mom, you are going to be really jealous of my next statement. Try not to be mad at me, but...

I just spend a week on vacation, doing nothing but reading magazines, watching tv, dining out, and drinking copious amounts of wine without my children for 6 whole days!! Yipee!! My husband and I didn't go anywhere very exciting because it was actually work for him. A convention with his company for a week.

I won't say the name of the city we were in as to not insult anyone who might live in this very boring city, but it was boring, and kind of deserted. We stayed in the downtown area, and maybe it just wasn't a very busy part of the city, but I could walk outside the hotel and see absolutely no one. It Kind of creeped me out. So I mostly stayed inside and vegged out while my poor husband ran meetings and did other work related activities. I also got to watch plenty of bad movies. Did you see the first feature film that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen did? I think it was called "It Takes Two." It also starred the ever handsome 80's hearthrob...Steve Guttenberg! I haven't seen him in anything in a while. He's pretty cute and should really get back into the whole acting thing. Maybe a tv show or something. So I saw the majority of that movie. Riveting.

I got to see parts of other movies too. Some good, some bad. I saw "The Notebook" but it was too sad to watch the whole thing. I also saw half of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" starring the duo Bragelina. It was ok. I felt that the concept of them trying to kill eachother got kind of old after awhile. Don't tell me what happens in the end because I only saw the first half of the movie. The sex scene wasn't even that good. No big name actors ever want to get naked in movies anymore. I miss the 80's. I miss Steve Guttenberg.

*Beauty Tip* Now that summer is over I need to start getting my hair in good condition for the winter. All that sun, fun, and pool water has taken it's toll on my hair in the form of dryness. For a great deep conditioning mask try any kind of deep conditioner and slather it on. Then heat up a wet towel in the microwave and wrap your hair in it to help the conditoner activate for maximum softness and shine!


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