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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My New Motto

I had a moment of enlightenment this morning. So here it is. My new motto....Be Cool.

That's it, just Be Cool.
I am going to try to remember my new motto when things are kind of chaotic as they often are when you are raising two small children. Here are a few things to test out my new motto. I am going to Be Cool when...

*my youngest woke up like a million times a night(4 really) because she the teething monster is haunting her again. Be Cool.

*my oldest asking me for yet another snack when it's only 9 in the morning and she has just had breakfast. Be Cool.

*buying a house we can't afford before we sell our current house. Be Cool. Be Cool. I have to think it twice on this one because this is really freaking me out.

*water heater breaking. No hot water, dishes in the sink, dirty laundry everywhere, kids need hot baths, I need a hot shower. No to all of the above, damn you hot water heater. Be Cool.

*all three of us are still in our pj's at 12:27 in the afternoon. Be Cool.

*dead tree in our backyard that needs to be cut down on orders from the city. It's only $1000 job. Be Cool.

*my oldest daugher again asking for a snack only 10 minutes after eating lunch. Be Cool.I am on the case now folks, it's going to be smooth sailing from now on if I keep my new motto in mind, right? Oh and here's one more that just happened. My youngest just spilled her big sister's, non-washable paints onto the carpeted floor. The same floor that we are desparately trying to sell! BE COOL!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

*Beauty Tip* In an effort to keep things cool I am going to tell you about my biggest pet peeve when it comes to lipstick. I do not like lipstick that is flavored with cool mint. Big Yuck. Not cool.


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