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Monday, October 02, 2006

He's No Handy Manny

My husband is sweet, thoughtful, caring, and sensitive. The ultimate listener and my best friend. Blah blah blah. But the one thing he is not is handy. IF you have a handy husband consider yourself lucky. When I say "handy," I don't mean that he can change lightbulbs or easy household chores like that. I mean bigger stuff. Building stuff, fixing stuff, painting stuff. If your water heater breaks on a Saturday night, he can go down to the basement with some tools and fix it. Being handy means more then just being able to unclog the toilet.

I tease my husband about his non-handiness. He's more of an artist/music type. Playing five different instruments comes easy to him, while caulking the bathroom tub, does not. I tell him all the time that really it's ok. That's why there is a handy man section in the yellow pages.

Although I was a little tad bit jealous the other night when we were over a friend's house and her husband just remodeled their whole kitchen by himself. Cabinets, countertops and all. Wow. He said his brother helped him hang the cabinets. I tried to picture my husband and his brother(who is also NOT handy) hanging cabinets, and I actually laughed out loud.

The key to getting my husband to even attempt to do minor things around the house is's pretty tricky, but this is what I do. I attempt to do it myself. This gets him everytime. For example I wanted our wooden porch steps painted this past weekend. So I get out the paint and the brush getting ready to do it myself and of course my husband steps in to take over! Thanks honey! So who's really handy in this scenario? Heh-heh, I think it's me!

*Beauty Tip* Wintertime is coming and it's time to start protecting your hands. I try to put out hand cream in a pump by each of the sinks in my house. This is especially helpful in the kitchen after I get done doing the dishes. That way I never forget to rub a little hand cream on to prevent dry red itchy skin in the winter.


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